Photography is the process of recording visual images by capturing light rays on a light-sensitive recording medium (e.g. film or digital CCD).

It can be thought of as two pursuits:

Technical: The science of setting up the camera and the recording medium to take images in a controlled way

Level V

Digital Workflow (with or without Lightroom)

o Storage
o Backup
o Retrieving
o Naming
o Publishing

Raw Processing using Adobe Lightroom

o White Balance
o Exposure Correction
o Spot Correction
o Cropping, Vignette, Sharpening
o Exporting

Adobe Photoshop 1

o Understanding Tools Palette
o Understanding Layers
o Basic Image Resizing
o Basic Canvas manipulation

Adobe Photoshop

o Understanding Layer Masks
o Understanding Layer Blending Mode
o Understanding Adjustments
o Understanding Adjustments Layers

Skin Retouching

o Skin Colour
o Skin Blemishes Correction using healing, cloning and dodge/burn
o Selecting an object and local adjustments

Commercial and product retouching

Level IV Advanced

Product Photography

o Basic lighting setup for shooting simple products
o Shooting two different products in studio

Lifestyle Photography

o What makes a lifestyle photograph
o Lighting setup for lifestyle photography
o Conducting a mini lifestyle photography shoot in studio / outdoor (at the
discretion of faculty)

Commercial Photography

o Reading a mood board and preparing to shoot an advertisement
o Shooting a simulated commercial in studio

Basics of DSLR Videography

Level IV

Indoor Fashion Shoot

o Learning Fashion Lighting
o Shooting a professional model using concept developed by class

Outdoor Fashion

o Shooting using available lights
o Supplementing available light to make creative photographs
o Shooting a professional model using concept developed by class

Indoor Glamour

o Basics of Glamour Photography
o Lighting for Glamour Photography
o Shooting a professional model in Glamour style in studio

Outdoor Glamour

o Basics of shooting outdoor Glamour
o Drawing the limits and respecting cultural considerations
o Shooting a client in outdoor Glamour style outdoors

Event Photography

o Event photography tips and tricks by a professional event photographer
o Opportunity to shoot a live event (if available)

Level III

Studio Lighting Setups

o Single Light Setup
o 3 Lights Setup
o 5 Lights Setup
o Lighting White Backdrop
o Lighting Grey Backdrop
o Lighting Green Backdrop

Portrait Photography (Indoor)

o Classic Portraits
o Face Shape Sculpting
o Contemporary Portraits
o Followed by Photoshoot

Portrait Photography (Outdoor)

o Using available Light
o Adding Artificial Light
o Subtractive Lighting
o Followed by Photoshoot

Beauty & Makeup Photography

o Brief on Makeup
o Learning Basic Beauty Photography Lighting
o Creative Lighting for Beauty Photography using colour gels

Preparing for a Fashion Shoot & Developing Concepts

o Anatomy of a fashion photo shoot concept
o Assembling the team
o Developing a concept and a mood board

Level II

Understanding Light

o Quality of Light vs. Quantity of Light
o Quality, Direction & Colour of Light
o Understanding White Balance & Colour Temperature
o Custom White Balance
o Creative uses of white balance
o Practical Assignment on White Balance

Understanding Manufactured Light

o Using Studio Lights
o Types of Studio Lights
o Lighting Modifiers – soft boxes, umbrellas, reflectors, beauty dishes, etc.
o Mini Shoot with single light

Studio Setup / Photographic Accessories

o What makes a studio
o Important Studio equipment
o Important Photographic Accessories like tripod, reflectors, remote shutter release etc.

Shooting in Available Light

o Getting right exposure in outdoor settings
o Practical class at a location (during day time)

Street & Night Photography

o Camera Settings for street photography
o Camera settings for night photography
o Practical street photo walk followed by night photography at a location.

Level 1

Art of Photography & Photography Professional

o Who is a professional
o What a professional does
o What a professional needs
o Art Vs Profession
o What makes a good photograph
o Review of some masters’ work

Photographic Composition for a Professional Photographer

o Elements of composition
o Rules of composition
o Practice of composition
o Practical assignment to do in your own time

 Anatomy of Camera & Lenses

o Basic parts of Camera
o Lenses & Focal Length
o Focus & Focusing Options
o Basics of Aperture
o Practical Assignment on Aperture


o Shutter Speed
o Understanding right exposure
o Understanding Desired exposure

Manual Control of Camera

o Getting exposure in manual mode
o Situations where camera will make mistakes
o Compensate the Exposure
o Semi auto modes of camera and their usage – TV, AV & P
o Practical Assignment


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