Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Durga who loved to draw and paint. She would spend hours creating colourful masterpieces and sharing them with her family and friends. But as she grew older and started attending school,  Durga noticed that some of her classmates didn’t seem to have the same passion for art that she did. Some of them even thought that art was a waste of time and that it wasn’t important to their education.

One day, Durga’s teacher gave the class an assignment to create a piece of artwork based on a famous artist’s style. As the class worked on their projects, Durga noticed something incredible happening. Everyone’s artwork was different, even though they were all inspired by the same artist. Each student brought their unique perspective and creativity to their work, making the classroom come alive with colors and imagination.

As the class presented their projects to each other, Durga realized something important. Art is more than just pretty pictures or decorations. It’s a way of expressing ourselves and sharing our perspectives with the world. By learning art, we can develop our creativity, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities. We learn to appreciate beauty and diversity, and we become better communicators and collaborators.

Whether you’re a young child just starting to explore the world of art or an older student looking to hone your skills, there are countless benefits to learning art. You can learn to draw, paint, sculpt, or create digital art. You can explore different styles and techniques, or create your own unique style. And no matter what you create, you’ll be expressing yourself and sharing your unique perspective with the world.

So don’t let anyone tell you that art is unimportant or a waste of time.

So grab a pencil or paintbrush, and let your creativity soar great heights.    Love your work of art, Keep trying – jus sketch it up.

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