PHOTOGRAPHY I,II,III,- (3 Levels) - Duration one month

This Certificate course in photography will be sent to gain knowledge and expertise in Photographic Skills. The Student should use traditional and/or new media processes to produce outcomes such as photomontage, printed photography, digital photography, photographic or digital installation, video and film and digital creation and manipulation. Work may be in colour and or black and white.

The Student should demonstrate an expressive & artistic response to the visual world. Presentation on History of Photography till date. They should show an understanding of the convention of photography and genres such as portrait, landscape and movement, and a range of techniques appropriate to their chosen field.



MEDIA COURSE - About Photography

Course Title                        : PHOTOGRAPHY I,II,IIi, IV,V - (5 Levels)
Award                                  :  CERTIFICATE
Duration                              :   One Month
Sessions                              :  12 Sessions -  2 hours a day, 3 days a week
Basics - Equipment - Techniques - Process - Outcome.

Techniques :
• Depth of Field
• Film Speed / Shutter Speed,
• Lighting / Exposure,
• Tone and Colour,
• Viewpoint/Composition,
• Framing,
• Editing
• Transitions



Skills in experimenting with media and processes such as:
• Abstracting &  Illustrating
• Documenting &Developing and Printing of Films
• Creation and Manipulation of Images with Computers,
• Image Scanning and Manipulation


Photography may be used as a means of recording fragile, large or time-based work - media, installations, mural work, performance. The Student must provide appropriate evidence  of their work such as contact prints,thumbnails of original digital photographs. Any moving image work (minimum three minutes) should be submitted on DVD/ CD or digital format for viewing.


The Student may develop their own social networking and blog sites for their visibility. 
The Student showcase of their creative Photographic work at the end of the course. 
Enjoy the evergreen photographic career.


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